Thursday, December 25, 2008

Portland, Oregon. 50,000 sq. feet +

This job is a continuation of a blue heron that was painted by us in 1991. It is on the Portland memorial building in Sellwood district. This is a huge project that we have put on hold due to the cold weather. We will be continuing in the spring to finish the mural and also repaint the Blue heron. It was approved by the regional arts and culture council in order to even start. We are also working with Mike Houch of the Urban Greenspaces Inst. to help raise money. All these birds are migratory to this area of Oaks bottom in Portland. There will be Mallards, Hooded Mcgansers, Ospray, canadaian geese, redtailed hawk, Blue herons, egrets, bald eagles, red winged black birds, owls, beavers and more..... . . keep lookout can see this one from many points in Portland and we will be finishing in Spring.

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Lois said...

I love everything about this project!