Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Nike Nightmare!!!

This detail creative has been nicknamed "nightmare" by the crew. There are over 120 kids playing over 6 different sports on almost every square inch of this mural. We have been painting now for 2 days. We also just started the back side of Hotel Figueroa, It's a movie called Horton Hear's a Who. We have the most Art Fx employees in one place in years, and theres a rumor that Top Dog himself might even make an appearance? We will be holding our first quarter meeting/party soon.

Crown Royal - Los Angeles.

Crown Royal, this giant bottle of booze can be seen from the airplane when you come into LAX. No joke. Located on Western Ave. and Whilshire Blvd. This is the biggest wall we do in LA. 84 X 220' high. It takes twenty mins just to ride the rig to the top. "The Beast". Special "Thanks" to Larry M. at Clear Channel Outdoor for always being patient and understanding with us.

Work Hard = Play Hard. Lake Tahoe - Mammoth

A break in the action in Toronto, New York and L.A. and off to the mountains we go. Sunny and I went storm chasing and hit Mammoth and Tahoe right after a huge dumping of fresh champagne powder. We went Mammoth, June, Kirkwood, Heavenly. It was an "epic" trip to say the least. Big Ups to the Louisiana Crew we met in Tahoe. They were charging it everyday.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

10,000 B.C. New York

Its always nice when a really cool creative comes around that we enjoy painting. This is a good example of that. This picture has a bad shadow from sun and surrounding buildings but if you want to see it for your self go to Park ave. and 23rd and you'll see it. I will try and post a better picture soon. Next stop Tahoe!!!!!

Art Fx Murals goes International

Toronto, Canada here we come. We got a contract to paint walls for Titan Worldwide. The contract started in Jan. so you can only imagine how cold it was. We thought New York was bad oh no. Here you will see the snow on the rig. We had to cover our paints every night. We can paint in the snow and it snowed about four out of the seven days we were working on this wall. Mr. Ellerton was wondering why he moved from sunny California. Ha.

The "Walldogs" in action ready for a night on the town.

This wall was a nightmare. It had 52 cracks top to bottom 80' tall. Along with 15 horizontal cracks. The worst wall we have worked in ten years without a doubt. Not to mention in freezing weather.

This wall was a tough one. Ha. Good thing we had the "letter master" Nate Wright with us. He works for Art Fx to pay the bills with his lettering tricks but really he is a starving actor, don't worry someday soon Nate.

So for now we are taking a month off from Toronto and heading to NYC then LA for our next job thank god, cause its to cold here. Spring couldn't come fast enough in the TO!!! oh did I mention a Snowboarding trip also!!!

Jumper - Los Angeles

We painted the movie ad for Jumper on the Hotel Figueroa in downtown LA. It took 10 days or so... went smooth for the most part. In this picture is a reflection from the sun.