Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Art Fx Murals goes International

Toronto, Canada here we come. We got a contract to paint walls for Titan Worldwide. The contract started in Jan. so you can only imagine how cold it was. We thought New York was bad oh no. Here you will see the snow on the rig. We had to cover our paints every night. We can paint in the snow and it snowed about four out of the seven days we were working on this wall. Mr. Ellerton was wondering why he moved from sunny California. Ha.

The "Walldogs" in action ready for a night on the town.

This wall was a nightmare. It had 52 cracks top to bottom 80' tall. Along with 15 horizontal cracks. The worst wall we have worked in ten years without a doubt. Not to mention in freezing weather.

This wall was a tough one. Ha. Good thing we had the "letter master" Nate Wright with us. He works for Art Fx to pay the bills with his lettering tricks but really he is a starving actor, don't worry someday soon Nate.

So for now we are taking a month off from Toronto and heading to NYC then LA for our next job thank god, cause its to cold here. Spring couldn't come fast enough in the TO!!! oh did I mention a Snowboarding trip also!!!

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