Saturday, August 30, 2008

Las Vegas, Barry Manilow

"Las Vegas Heat Wave" Not a single day was below 101 with a high of 109 degrees for two days. Mind you that this wall looks down directly at the pool, all day people are swimming, drinking and taking pictures. This was done by Sunny and Shane in a total of nine days from start to finish. The wall was in direct sunlight at 10:30 AM till sundown. This made for very frustrating conditions for painting, the paint would dry instantly. We had very little time to blend the colors. By 9:30am while still in the shade we would have to wipe off our faces from sweat at least every half hour. Special thanks to Derek for the dry-fits, and SkyTag for making it all possible.

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JamiSings said...

Oh he's such a handsome hunk of man. And that mural does him much more justice.